Pink Mist Tech Reactive Bleeding Targets
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Pink Mist Tech Bleeding Targets,

"No other target reacts like this!"

“If you can shoot it, we can make it bleed!”

Just apply the Pink Mist Tech reactive target accessory to the back of any paper target to make it a reactive target.

What’s inside?

Our filler is not corn syrup and will not attract insects or contaminate your shooting area.  It’s been non-staining and it’s easy to clean-up if necessary. Keeping the environment in mind we have made the filler non-toxic and biodegradable.

How does It work?

We have a patent pending design created to give every shooter the same results every time. This product is for the hobbyist shooter that is looking for a Hollywood style blood effect from a paper zombie target or the professional shooter who wants an honest reactive blood response from a home invasion or terrorist target. The design of the product, when applied correctly, will propel our blood pack filler forward from any paper target giving the shooter a “life-like” bleeding response. If you’re lucky there just might be a pulse as it bleeds out.

You get an environmentally friendly, easy cleaning, bloody, visceral, reactive shooting accessory. Make your paper zombies, terrorists, home-invaders and scoring rings bleed!

This version is primarily designed for outdoor range use. Always check with your range before using. Be safe and have fun!

Our product is made in the U.S.A., in Minnesota, in fact. We are not a major corporation, we are a local business. Our manufacturers are local businesses as well.


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